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Domains in Advertising

Why do lawyers spend thousands of dollars a month on billboards and don’t….

Multiple domain names… one website

New Domains hit the billboards

Why $10,000.00 for a Domain Name is still cheap.

Wikipedia – List of most expensive Domain Name sales -

How to improve Social Media posts with custom URL shortners. (Shows value of VISIONxe’s suite)

How Domain Names Can Impact Customer Engagement


QR Codes

Why you should ditch QR codes for new domains.

The death of the QR code

Why did the QR Code die?

Why QR Codes are more outdated than your pog collection.

Why are QR Codes failing? 

Business Insider – Death to the QR Code.

Why QR Codes are worse than useless.



When a #hashtag becomes a #bashtag

Hillary Clinton #Hashtag #Hijacked

Jenny McCarthy’s hashtag hijacked!

#Fail : When Hashtags go wrong

Hashtag Dream vs Hashtag Reality

13 Epic Twitter Fails  - Business Insider


OOH Advertising

Neilson: OOH the Most Effective in Driving Online Activity

Shopify – Use Outdoors Advertising

Tech Crunch – Outdoor Advertising the New Black

Why it’s critical to connect your offline and online marketing – Marketing Land

Smart Company: – Why your business should consider offline advertising.

Huffington Post – Why OOH is set to be Adworld’s strongest contender in 2017

Another recent study—this one by Nielsen—showed that OOH outperforms other media at driving search at almost a 4:1 ratio


The Value of Great Domains

Why I Spent 1.5 Million on Our Domain – Entrepreneur

The 20 Most Expensive Domain Names Ever Sold