My query is: How hard would it be to gear up on him? Between what you could find on the Auction House, occasion drops, and the items you should purchase with justice and valor points, you’ll put collectively an honest set of gear very quickly in any respect. My friend has a bunch of grantable ranges left from RaF, so I can easily get this Rogue to 80 in the subsequent few days. I’ve obtained a degree 50 rogue that I’ve been leveling not too long ago. I wait about 15-20 minutes for a dungeon as a DPSer at the level cap now, slightly than the previous 30-45 minutes. It was easy for my Druid because he is a tank and that i acquired fast dungeon queues to farm JP and VP. I started taking part in WoW over the summer season, and now that my courses have started up I by some means have time to sustain on WoW Insider but I have never logged on in virtually three weeks!