VISIONxe’s Online-Billboards

These are designed to parallel your offline ads, giving them depth, infusing them with rich media content, and designed to allow the consumer to be in control of the engagement. They are not meant to be traditional landing pages with very specific conversion objectives, although they can be designed as such.

Consumers react negatively to online ads which are intrusive or manipulative. VISIONxe Online-Billboards provide a broad range of options for consumer-to-product interaction and allow and encourage consumers to engage with a sense of ease and control.

Illustration of artist with canvas

Engagement Options – Consumer to Product/Service

You can build your engagement panel depending on your need, we have following widgets avaialble to choose from.


Add personality to your message with a short impactful voice message. If you supply us with your text we can have it professionally voiced.

Call us

Click to call. Can be configured for your preferred communication tool.


Placeholder to put downloadable items on a billboard.


Stay connected across social media, Users can follow your fan pages.

Live Chat

Engage more with Live chat option directly from your page. Use our default Chat platform or integrate your own platform.


Allow consumers to subscribe to your news letters or other communication media.

Call Back

Many people see an ad on the fly and do not have the time to call immediately or may forget to call later. Get their name and number and give your team quick access to an interested party.


Allow user to invoke their own Social Media or other media platform to share this ad and amplify its impact.


Make it easy for them to find you with one click.

Link to Website

For those who want to take a deeper dive. This is a good sign.

Engagement Options – Brand to Consumer


Let the consumer's thoughts on this ad be valuable input for your creative team. Could be a simple rating or a survey.


Some may want to follow your brand and remain connected. Seize the opportunity.

*If you require custom engagement options, Please contact us.

VXE Online Billboard


Extend your marketing reach and capitalize on data by connecting your Online-Billboard to your favourite apps and web services. Look for the tools you already use or discover new ways to ramp things up.