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Suggestions of Power, Feelings of Luxury, the bestowing of exclusiveness. Our Online-billboards can be an ignition button. Bring your campaign to life. Easy to remember, easy to type names can add that zoom. Low tech and simple. Just type.

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Call to Action / Connect

The heartbeat of advertising. With VISIONxe’s online billboards your calls to action come to life. Common calls-to-action all URLized; what better way to get a consumer to connect? They may not have the time to engage now, but will do so when they get to work, or back home, or while on the train or bus.

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As much as heart strings are pulled, you lose your donor if they do not easily connect with you. There are too many competing causes out there. A simple, powerful statement like or can get fingers into action as the heart responds to your appeal. Let them connect to you first.

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Commerce, Money & Finance

Finance and commerce-appropriate names for your online billboards. Serious crowd, serious names. Expensive, hard to understand and hard to manage engagement methods are an option, but VISIONxe’s online-billboards provide smooth sailing into the buzz of business. Seriously.

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Contemporary, Iconic & Social

Go Viral, Stay Calm, Yes We Can; these phrases are immediately recognizable and relevant. Not easy to forget these after driving past a billboard. Check out our full list of billboard names. The VISIONxe online-billboards will become second nature.

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Contractors typically have vehicles on the road. A service vehicle makes an excellent, and free, billboard. You can easily place a magnetic sign on your vehicle, with one of our category-leading names, and you would have the most powerful advertising available. Imagine if you are a tow truck driver and instead of having a hard-to-remember telephone number displayed, you have the domain or What is better and cheaper than that?

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Descriptive Keywords

Adjectives and superlatives are an integral part of ad copy. Having the best adjectives urlized adds engagement power. This is a loose ‘catch all’ category or group for some amazing names which do not exactly fall into another specific category. Let VISIONxe make engagement simple. Let’s get back to basics. Consumers are tired of convoluted, time-wasting ways of engaging with offline ads.

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Educators would understand the tremendous value of a memorable domain name to promote their services. The concept is simple . Positive results are certain. It’s a no-brainer.

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Dancing to the beat of the community. The entertainment sector loves the sound of a catchy name, or a catchy call-to-action. From simple words like concert or dance, to utilitarian words like invitation, to the premium It’s all there for them. Now showing on Get tickets!!

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Young people care more than we give them credit for. They are aware, and they want to know more. They want to get into the discussion. But they are turned off by intrusive ads, and talk of ad-tech fraud. They are not satisfied with legacy ads that do not allow them to dive deeper. Give them the springboard and give them cleaner engagement.

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Event Management

Event managers can benefit from our Online-billboards which will provide quick access to event schedules, directions, notices, speaker information etc. You can also quickly change schedules or make on-the-fly announcements. If you have a special name you wish to use, we can help you secure it.

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Exclamations and Greetings

Happy New Year, Feliz Navidad, Good Morning, Buenos Dias; Can your ad get any more refreshing than this? Connect your campaign to a VISIONxe online-billboard labelled by these premium URL’s. Check out our full list and get started.

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Fashion/ Beauty /Cosmetics

The millennial with starry eyes and fleeting glances. For this demographic you have just seconds to capture their attention. There is no time for a QR code snap, nor time to stop at a bus shelter to load an app. But on the bus or train they would not forget to type LookAwesome.Tel.

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Food & Drink

Food and Drink represents a significant category in the advertising market. VISIONxe has over four hundred Food and Drink related URLized Online-billboards. Bon Appetit or Buen Apetito or… Bom Apetite or maybe Buon Appetito? Check out these premium names and book yours soon. Cannot find a name? Let us know. We probably have it and it is not listed as yet.

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Pourquoi? Pourquoi.url. We have it. Twenty nine countries in the world speak what is often called the language of love and romance. VISIONxe has a great (and growing) suite of the best French words to grace your ads. Pour toi, mes amis.

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Grooming and Personal Care

Find ideal advertising keywords, all URLized, for your personal care business. These memorable names, displayed on your shopfront, or in your salon, or even on Social, would be extremely memorable. The benefit is that people will never forget the name. Use our great names until you grow your service, or use it forever. It is a great investment.

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Health, Safety & Fitness

In order to Defy Age you need to be Crazy Healthy. Feel Amazing and remain Forever Young. Online-illboards with these URLized names will never grow old. We have a whole suite of names that serve this product segment. Use one as you need and then move to another for a different campaign. Stay Fresh. Remain Fit, Seriously Fit.

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Hospitality and Accomodation

The thought of a new place always excites. New resort, exotic food, leisurely days; this breathes life into a dull body. Energize the spirit. An amazing URL and a delightful landing page will captivate and will inject whiffs of fresh air.

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Immigration services are in great demand, and you need to reach your potential client in a way, and with a label, that will ensure that they remember you. Make it easy and attractive for them to share your ad with friends or relatives. A great advertising label will make it more likely that any ad you produce will go beyond the usual reach.

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Capture the Italian imagination. Imagine you have the finest Italian advertising key words to attract consumers in Rome or Milan. Some campaigns are deployed for different audiences speaking different languages. We try to capture the best names to create our billboards. Though not extensive, our Italian suite is growing.

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Life / Lifestyle / Living

Dream Bigger, Feel Awesome – ads in this category never fail to dip into the basket of feel-good words and phrases for taglines. We have those words and phrases, not all, but a lot of them labelling our online billboards. It just feels right to go from a tagline to a landing page which is exactly addressed by the same tagline.

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The medical sector offers very specialized services and these professionals do not have the luxury of time to play with complicated advertising tools or cheap social platforms. A VISIONxe premium domain name or a VISIONxe online-billboard with a premium name offers them the opportunity to advertise their practice in a way that befits their stature.

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For applications where a short rhythmic numeric URL will be ideal for quick connection. Eg. In Trade Shows, each booth can be assigned one of our landing pages with a great URL like 505 or 202. This makes for easy engagement of people who just walk by and want to quickly get more info on the offering or to get on a mailing list. You can use one of our premium numerics for a company communications centre.

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Occasions / Celebrations / Festive

Imagine a billboard with a Merry Christmas message and a Merry Christmas URL. How powerful is that! Imagine having this available for many festivals in multiple languages. Your agency can feast on our selection of Online-billboards Celebrate.

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Phone / Calling

A serious weakness in Radio, TV and Out-of-Home advertising is that when telephone numbers are used, the majority of potential customers cannot remember the telephone numbers. VISIONxe has hundreds of call-friendly domains which will stick with the consumer wherever they go. Secure your domain now.

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Places and Descriptions

Make the Great Escape.(url) from landing pages accessed only by ugly, forgettable urls’s, failing QR codes, or convoluted and expensive procedures involving beacons and such. Come explore our lineup of impressive urlized billboards. Simply Incredible. Incroyable!

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Politics and Societal

People who communicate with the masses on social and political issues are not usually as endowed with financial and technological resources as major brands are. VISIONxe’s Online-billboards would offer an efficient and relatively cheap jump from offline media to online engagement.

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Engage Portuguese speakers with the most passionate words of this culture. Brazil is the leading ad market in Latin America and one of the largest in the world. Brazil, Portugal and other Portuguese-speaking territories offer an exciting opportunity for brands. Use our Portuguese labelled Online-billboards to excite this market.

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Real Estate & Related

How would you describe a beautiful property for sale? Elegant, or Eleganza or Elegante? Before you chose you a tagline, you may want to Take a Tour of our lineup of billboards. Sometimes an attractive landing page, attractively named, can sway a buyer. Our Showcase is Impressive. Check it Out. Get Sold!

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We cannot do without service personnel; however at times we just cannot remember the name or the telephone number of the person. A very simple solution for service-providers is to own an online billboard by VISIONxe, which comes with a premium service-related domain. You will never be forgotten. Don’t see your preferred name? Contact us. Our inventory of amazing names is updated daily.

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Short Alpha and Alphamerics

This is a special class of names which can be deployed in numerous ways. VISIONxe has secured these just to make sure our offering to the ad industry is complete. If you wish to have a long-term access to a particular label please contact us; if you do not see your desired URL listed here and you would like for us to get it for you, just let us know.

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Slogans (General)

A dream come true. Your campaign slogan with its own URL. If this does not up your engagement rate nothing will. These URL’s are reflective of typical words and phrases found in ad copy and which are sometimes represented by hashtags. Use our billboards to boost engagement. The use of our slogans.url would be campaign and product specific and not brand-building.

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Capture the vibrancy of this culture. Like a picture, a beautiful rhythmic word paints a thousand words. No better way to engage. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, after Chinese. The Southern United States, Central America and South America offer rich Spanish speaking markets. Connect with them easily with the sweetest words of this language.

Podium and trophy icon


Capture the excitement. Many fans at a major sporting event may see your ad but not engage. You need to get them to go online and be on your page, your stage. How about an Online-billboard addressed with the url –Touch Down, or, Play Amazing or Win the Game? This can be a Game Changer. Score big with a Visionxe Online-billboard.

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Street Talk

Yo Bro, I Got Your Back. No Worries here when it comes to getting the best street names. Check It! Have we missed some? Let us know. Is it in a non-English language? We will try to secure it. We are committed to providing your agency with the most current ‘talk’ of the street . Yeh Man!

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Superlatives and Comparatives

An integral part of most ads and very familiar to consumers, also, not easily forgotten. The Greatest, The Biggest and The Best. Book now! Get an Online-billboard to parallel your offline ad.

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Numerous online-billboard URL’s all somehow related to time. Speaking of time, consumers really do not have enough of it to stop in the middle of a busy street or sidewalk to engage. If only they had an easy way to quickly make a mental note of the campaign and a memorable way to connect at a later time (pardon the pun), that would be neat. Reserve a VISIONxe billboard. Now.

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Going places. Consumers need to easily connect to and explore a travel package – going from an offline ad to your online stage should be hassle-free. Let them feel the ease and relax. Give them a VISIONxe online-billboard with easy-access engagement buttons. Bon Voyage.


Keeps the world moving and growing. This business segment, like all others, needs effective advertising tools and platforms to keep the wheels moving and the eco-system growing. Our memorable names and online-billboards are a perfect compliment to the digital and out-of-home ads which promote transportation companies and their services.


Trucking is one of the largest industries in the world, and it is growing rapidly. Trucking companies have their own distinct advertising needs; beyond branding and general ads, they regularly advertise for drivers and logistics support personnel. The sides or back of a trailer are super powerful billboards which would support ads for needs like “drivers wanted” “drive with us”. VISIONxe has a large suite of memorable trucking domains ready to be deployed.


Announcements by local governments or social organisations do not resonate or stick with viewers, or constituents. Sometimes someone sees a notice on a busy street or hear it once on the radio; it does not stick with them. Make it ‘sticky’ by using one of our memorable names. You will definitely see an uptick in interest.

Business And Professionals

The list of domain names in this category serve as perfect solutions for memorable landing pages. Professionals can really appreciate the power of memorable domain names in advertising. They know that advertising is costly, but also that it engages the mind of consumers only for a brief period of time. An ad destination which is attractive and memorable will surely last way beyond the typical ‘mind-life’ of an ad. Browse our great names to see how they can improve the Roi of your advertising.

Home And Garden

This new category is for those businesses which serve the typical homeowner. Our names will surely resonate with mom and pop. When you advertise, use one of our names to power your landing page. The next time they are looking for a service they will immediately know how to contact you. If you use just telephone numbers, or fleeting social media ads, they will definitely forget you. Be remembered.


This young but growing category includes names of people and places. Many businesses identify with the name of the owner; many with the name of the location. Both these can be memorable and suited for promotion of the business. Choose you name for your promotion from our ‘Names’ suite. If you do not see your preferred name listed, just contact us.

Other Languages

VISIONxe is compiling many iconic or famously descriptive words of languages across the world. These URLized words will be a great compliment to our suite of advertising friendly domain names. Our aim is to provide you or your agency with urlized words or phrases to suit any campaign. Many words are not yet listed on the site. We will update the suite of names regularly.

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