Connecting traditional ad platforms to the online stage should be simple and effective.
VISIONxe offers your agency the world’s largest and most amazing pool of  Online Billboards, each addressed by an attractive, memorable URL.
You populate your landing page, your billboard, using our easy-to-use design tool; or we can build it for you.
Our URLs mirror key words and phrases found in your ad-copy, connecting your offline ad to the Online Billboard,
simply, effectively and with no noise.
And you control the canvas.
Invest a few moments and check out our awesome billboard names.
Engagement is King
The digital world is exploding. Marketers and advertisers now deploy campaigns offering immersive online experiences, inviting interaction with the brand, and culturing a two-way message stream, powerful ways to build brand awareness and affinity, and foster long term relationships.
World on the go
But, how do you effectively plug an on-the-go world, eyeballing extensive offline media, into the online experience. 

To date the tools used to bridge the two platforms have been unfriendly URLs, QR codes and NFC. The results have been less than stellar. Hashtags are now in vogue, but hashtag campaigns are unpredictable, can get out of control, can be abused and even hijacked or drowned in unwanted noise.
Google searches for online content can yield spotty results, especially for short campaigns,  and can be ‘noisy’. In our frenzied world consumers are less than patient and are easily distracted.
Thinking Simple
For the texting-trained fingers of today’s consumers, it would be so much simpler to quickly type an attractive and memorable URL displayed on a billboard or bench than to get a QR code procedure going or do a hit-and-miss google search. But those memorable URLs are scattered like stars all over the internet universe, so the URL is not a viable option…
Not Until Now…
VISIONxe Inc. has meticulously acquired and compiled the world’s largest collection of advertising friendly domains, over four thousand and counting, and created an Online Billboard for each, the URL label of each matching almost any tagline or call-to-action or descriptive word you might use in your ad. These online billboards would parallel your offline ads. The URLs are all memorable, familiar, contemporary, nostalgic, iconic or suggestive. Many would evoke the excitement of the young, many the curiosity of the thoughtful, and many would allure as they could be deliciously nuanced; and all finger-friendly on smartphones or tablets.