6000+ Online-Billboards

VISIONxe’s Online-Billboards are designed to parallel your offline ads, giving them depth, infusing them with rich media, and to allow the consumer to be in control of engagement.

Each Online-Billboard comes with a PREMIUM URL

Almost every superlative, every tagline, every descriptive, every iconic phrase or call to action that you can think of, is available for your campaigns to parallel your offline ads.

In today’s fast-paced world, consumers have a limited attention span. Labeling your campaign with a URL that is attractive, memorable, iconic & easy to type brings the following benefits:

Instant Recall

A great name will stick and follow the consumer, providing instant recall whenever they need to and wherever they go.


Consumers tend to trust web destinations with great names more than sites with unremarkable or convoluted URLs.

Click through rate

Memorable URLs used as a destination and displayed ads perform better in click through rates than un-remarkable ones.

More likely to be shared

Consumers will more likely to share a site or landing page with a premium name than one without a greater name.

VXE Online Billboard

  • Simulated Billboard Look.
    Other Display Options Available
  • User access to Full Featured Design Platform
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Dashboard Style Console for Easy Engagement
  • Audio Play option

the TLD

In a world with a confusing array of hundreds of new TLD’s, how happy would customers be with a single TLD gracing most of the ads they see?

Visionxe owns the world’s single largest collection of ad-friendly domains (6000+)
All in a single TLD – .Tel

.Tel has a great advantage. While most new TLD’s are English language specific, TEL as a symbol has deep roots and is universally recognized across all countries and cultures,
and it is easy to remember.

Control the Canvas

Directing potential customers to a web destination that you do not fully control can be fatal.

Avoid #FAILS

Do not be over reliant on fickle and vulnerable social platforms.

Direct consumers to a canvas that you have painted
(and keep the brush in hand).



Domain Names Only

We Forward to Your Landing Page


Name of Your Choice
Custom Landing Page*


Name of your choice
plus Custom Landing Page*
with VXE Engagement Console

Domain Name Starting from $50/Month. Customized Landing page starting from $500 One Time.

The prices displayed on this site are monthly charges for the Billboard Names only. Custom Landing Pages(Online Billboards) are designed by us at an additional one-time charge based on your specific requirements. When we build a custom Landing Page you get access to the design platform where you can make changes to the design or text.
There is a one-time domain set-up fee of $165 for each name booked. This applies to all plans and is separate from the booking fee or the landing page fee.

How to proceed

• Look up your preferred name

• Make a booking request

• We confirm your request. You pay for the name based on the number of months.

• If you request a custom landing page we shall contact you for requirements and give a quote.

• (If, before you book, you would like to have a quote on a custom landing page contact us by email)

• When your landing page or the custom landing page is ready we publish it on your URL to start the campaign.

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